IDAS Solutions

IDAS SolutionsIDAS Solutions

IDAS™ Application Examples

In-building, Campus Communication System

Provides mobile communication in a multi-storied building

Industry Applications for Forestry, Farming and Security (Wide area outdoor use)

Data transfer and worker safety monitoring

Large Scale Multi-site System

Wide area coverage with multi-site system

SMR (Specialized Mobile Radio) or PAMR (Public Access Mobile Radio) System

Trunking system

IDAS™ Benefits

Flexible Digital Migration Solution with Advanced IP Network Integration

IDAS is Icom’s digital land mobile radio system using the NXDN or dPMR common air interface. IDAS offers a complete system of handheld radios, mobile radios, repeaters, network interface/trunking controller, remote communicator, system manager software and various accessories. IDAS is a total digital solution that system owners or operators can grow into as their time and budgets allow.

Multiple-site Configurations

The IDAS can cover various digital radio communication needs from simple peer to peer operation between two radios, up to multi-site wide area networks. Further coverage is enhanced with IP interconnection.

Digital Clarity

By adopting the industry standard AMBE+2™ Vocoder and advanced FEC (Forward Error Correction) coding, improved communication quality, clarity and reliability are a hallmark of IDAS systems.

Effective System Management

Simple and efficient management is critical for systems of any size. IDAS provides effective system management with such features as OTAP and administration applications.

IDAS™ Multiple-site Configuration

NXDN™/dPMR™ Protocol Choice

The IDAS digital radio system has two protocol choices, NXDN and dPMR. Both protocols are open digital radio standards using 6.25 kHz FDMA narrowband technology. With this flexible choice, the IDAS radio system allows for interoperability with other manufactures equipment for seamless supply/replacement of existing NXDN and/or dPMR systems. And naturally these FDMA based protocols are a perfect match, when migrating an analog system to digital.

System Scalability According to Communication Traffic and Coverage

Depending on communication traffic and coverage, the IDAS radio system can be grown from single site conventional to multi-site trunking to match your communication needs.

NXDN Type-C trunking

NXDN Type-D trunking

dPMR Mode 3 trunking

Telephone Interconnection

With a VE-PG4 RoIP gateway, the IDAS conventional, Type-D multi-site trunking and Mode 3 trunking* system can interconnect with an IP phone, LTE transceiver, wireless LAN transceiver and analog radios as well as NXDN and dPMR protocols. A radio user can initiate phone/radio calls to talk with other users using a different protocol (for example; IP radio) between different systems.
* Mode 3 trunking will be available in the future.

Remote Communicator Software

The RC-FS10 Remote Communicator software creates a virtual radio/simple dispatcher on a Windows®-based PC. It enables you to remotely access IDAS repeaters using an IP network and communicate with IDAS radios or monitor radio communications even from outside of the radio coverage area. You can customize the RCFS10 screen interface for more efficient use.

• RC-FS10 is available with IDAS conventional and Type-D multi-site trunking system.

Mixed Mode Operation (Conventional)

The IDAS radio can receive both analog and digital conventional mode signals on a channel and can reply according to the received mode. The IDAS system allows you to migrate analog systems to narrow band digital at your own pace and need, while running your existing analog system. It is a cost efficient way to obtain the latest digital two-way radio technology, while protecting your current system investment.

IDAS™ Digital Clarity

Intelligible Audio Over a Large Total Communication Area

In conjunctions with the industry standard AMBE+2™ Vocoder and Icom’s DSP expertise, maximum voice clarity and background noise suppression within the 6.25 kHz channel is achieved.

True Narrowband: Reliable Communications for Half the Spectrum

IDAS (both NXDN and dPMR) operate at true 6.25 kHz channel efficiency. Even in urban areas, where users often experience channel congestion, narrowband digital channels offer higher communication access capability. Radio spectrum is a scarce resource and IDAS provides a future-proof solution not only now, but also in many years ahead as 12.5 kHz channels become full over time.

Communications Reliability When You Most Need It

No need to allow for TDMA time slot synchronization. Instant communications in emergencies and critical situations. FDMA is the fail safe mode of choice in land mobile radio. Nothing else compares.

FDMA: Proven History Like No Other Radio Technology

For over 50 years, FDMA has been the backbone of twoway radio communication. Generational enhancements have culminated in the realisation of 6.25 kHz FDMA digital protocols that are literally ahead of their time, while keeping backward compatibility with analogue FM radio.

6.25 kHz Channels: The Current and Future Trend

6.25 kHz channel plans and standards are used in North America, Europe, Japan, Oceania, and the list goes on. 6.25 kHz provides an answer to the worldwide problem of spectrum shortage and efficient use.

6.25 kHz Fundamental Excellence

Narrower bandwidth FDMA provides technical excellence in sensitivity, interference resistance, increased coverage, audio quality, spectrum efficiency and more.

Customizing Audio Quality

IDAS radios also implement audio features and settings to compliment the performance of the vocoder.

Position Data Transmission Capability

When the GPS feature is used, the IDAS radio can automatically transmit accurate position data at programmed intervals. The position data can be sent with voice call or status call and can be used with a third-party AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) system. The GPS log functions logs user position data in a microSD card memory.

Transparent Data Modem

The IDAS radio can be used as a transparent data modem which transmits the serial data received from a PC or various devices*. The IDAS radio can interface with other Bluetooth® devices for easy data entry.
* Third-party products required.

Emergency Call and Alert

To ensure workers safety, IDAS handheld radios have the following four emergency related functions. If one of these functions are activated, the radio automatically sends an emergency signal.

Remote Monitor (NXDN™)/ Ambience Listening (dPMR™)

A Remote monitor call or Ambience listening call* remotely controls the receive radio to automatically transmit its microphone audio, for the specified timer period. You can remotely activate the radio’s microphone and listen into the environment surrounding the user to help identify if an emergency exists, or what is occurring near the user.
* The Remote monitor call or Ambience listening call can be made from designated IDAS radios.

Radio Kill, Stun and Revive

If a radio is lost or stolen, the radio Kill function disables the radio over the air to reduce any security threat. When the radio Stun command is received, all functions will be temporarily locked out until a Revive command is received or the user password is entered*.
* The radio Kill, Stun and Revive commands can be made from designated IDAS radios.

Effective System Management

OTAP (Over-the-Air Programming)

The OTAP function enables you to distribute a radio configuration file overthe-air and remotely reconfigure radios while in the field. The system operator can edit channels, call lists, status message lists and more, and can schedule the updating from Specified time, Next power-up, Auto restart and Reactivation key. Save considerable time and eliminate the need to return the radio for reprogramming.

• CS-OTPM1 for IC-F3400D/F4400D,IC-F5400D/F6400D and IC-F52D/F62D

System Manager Software (Type-D multi-site trunking and dPMR Mode 3)


The system management software remotely monitors multiple repeater conditions and traffic statistics over the IP network. If it detects abnormal conditions, the software can send an email alert to the system administrator.

  • RS-MGR1 for Type-D multi-site trunking
  • RS-MGR2 for dPMR Mode 3 trunking

Secure Communication

*IC-F3400D, F5400D series can store 4-keys for DES encryption as standard.
Up to 64-keys for DES encryption are available with the optional UT-134.
The optional UT-134 and ISL-AKAES license are required for AES encryption.
The CS-OTAR1 or CS-KLD2 is required for OTAR.

In addition to the digital modulation and demodulation, the digital voice scrambler gives your voice and data calls privacy against casual eavesdropping by a scanner receiver. When higher grade security is required, AES and DES encryption* are available. The OTAR (Over-the-Air Rekeying) function allows secure updating of encryption keys over the radio channel.

• AES/DES for IC-F3400D/F4400D and IC-F5400D/F6400D

Intelligent Battery Management

The intelligent battery charger software checks the battery health, battery age and battery cycle count whenever a battery is inserted into an intelligent charger. The Eco mode stops charging at approximately 80–90% to extend the battery’s life. The batteries can be optimally maintained and an indication of timing for battery replacement is given.

• BC-225 intelligent charger and RS-BC225 reader software for IC-F3400D/F4400D and IC-F52D/F62D