NMEA Awards

Icom has won multiple NMEA Marine Radio Awards in various categories since 1984. 
Most recently, the IC-M510 has won back-to-back for 2022 & 2023 NMEA Awards for the VHF Marine Radio.

Recent Record of NMEA Awards

Year Category Product
2023 Marine VHF Radio     IC-M510
2022 Marine VHF Radio     IC-M510
2021 Marine VHF Radio IC-M605
2020 Marine VHF Radio IC-M605
2019 Marine VHF Radio IC-M605
2018 Marine VHF Radio IC-M605
2017 Marine VHF Radio IC-M605
2016 Marine VHF Radio IC-M506
2015 Marine VHF Radio IC-M506
2014 Marine VHF Radio IC-M506
2009 Communication IC-M604
2008 Communication IC-M604
2007 Communication IC-M604
2006 Communication IC-M504
2004 VHF Radiotelephone, Portable IC-M88
VHF Radiotelephone, Fixed IC-M602
SSB Radiotelephone IC-M802

Before 2004, Icom won 15 NMEA Awards.