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Download Type Control software
Model name RS-BA1
Version Version 1.94
Update Aug.30.2017
Major changes


  • The IC-7610 is now supported. (Including spectrum scope screen and waterfall.)
  • The RS-BA1's spectrum scope can be displayed and operated even if the RS-BA1's Remote mode is turned OFF.
  • The Setup Wizard has been added to the remote utility.
  • The remote utility software has been unified with the remote utility of the RS-R8600.


  • If you install the RS-BA1 onto the PC where the RS-R8600 is already installed, update the RS-BA1 to version 1.94 or later.
  • When you use the RS-BA1 through a USB 3.0 port, you must use a USB 3.0 driver. Download the driver here.
  • RC-28 firmware version 1.01 or later is required to use the RC-28. Download the firmware here.
  • When you update the control software:
    1. Download and expand the ''
    2. Double-click the 'Update.exe' to start the software update.
    3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • You must have a previous version of the RS-BA1 software installed BEFORE you can update to version 1.94.
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32 bit) is supported by the RS-BA1 version 1.80 or later.
  • The remote control and the remote utility will be updated as follows by this updating.
    Remote control: Version 1.94
    Remote utility: Version 2.00


  • The 'Recover_Setup_Rsba1_Control.reg' and 'Recover_Setup_Utility.reg' files are included in the '' file. If you need to reset the RS-BA1's settings to their defaults, double-click ONLY the 'Recover_Setup_Rsba1_Control.reg' and 'Recover_Setup_Utility.reg' files.
File Size 45.19MB
File Type zip

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