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Model name IC-R8600
Version Version 1.20 USA version
Update Aug.30.2017
Major changes

If your serial number starts from "02xxxxxx", you can install this firmware for the update.


  • To match the RS-R8600 Remote control software, the following items have been changed and added.
    The LAN AF SQL's default setting has been changed from OFF to ON.
    CI-V commands have been changed and added. A revised CI-V Reference Guide will be posted on the Icom website in the near future.
  • The Scan Resume function has been changed as follows.
    Scan Resume ON/OFF buttons have been added.
    "HOLD" has been added as a setting item for the Scan Pause time.
    The Scan Resume time can be set.
  • German and French keyboard layouts have been added to keyboard language selection.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.


  • To use the RS-R8600, update the IC-R8600 firmware to version 1.20 or later.

To update the firmware

  • An SD card or an SDHC card is required.
  • Format the card in the IC-R8600 before using it for the update. (First, save any data that is on the card, if necessary.)
  • Unzip and save the downloaded firmware file in "IC-R8600" folder that is on the card.
  • Save the receiver's data onto a separate card before doing the update. It is possible that your data could get lost or corrupted during the update.
  • Thoroughly read Section 7 (USING AN SD CARD) and Section 13 (UPDATING THE FIRMWARE) of the "FULL MANUAL" before starting the update.
  • Never turn OFF the receiver power during the update.
  • The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
    MAIN CPU: 1.20
    FRONT CPU: 1.00
    DSP Program: 1.02
    DSP Data: 1.00
    FPGA: 1.00
    DV DSP: 1.00
  • Also download the CS-R8600 1.20 updater from here.
File Size 5.85MB
File Type zip
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