Caution: Amateur Radios Intended for Japanese Domestic Use

Icom radios are manufactured in accordance with the type approvals and laws of each country in which they are to be sold.

Icom radios sold in Japan are designed specifically for the Japanese market only. They comply with Japanese type approval and requested specifications by Japanese law, but they are NOT compliant with the type approvals or specifications of overseas countries because band plans, specifications for type approvals, etc., are different.

If a product manufactured for the Japanese market is used overseas, it will/likely result in infringement of laws in countries outside Japan. No warranty is applicable either.

Icom is not responsible for any repairs, support, or questions that may occur due to being sold/used on overseas markets. To ensure safe and long-lasting use of your Icom product, please purchase radios that conform to local specifications and regulations from authorized Icom distributors/dealers in your country.

Thank you for supporting Icom.

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