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VHF Marine Transceiver


Fixed Mount VHF with Wireless Smart Device Operation

Icom’s new Class D DSC fixed mount VHF marine transceiver, the M510 is a tech-laden powerhouse available with or without AIS receive capability. The M510 is nearly half the depth of the M506, allowing installation in more confined spaces. The large color display has a simple user interface allowing casual and serious boaters alike with plenty of options to communicate. Additionally, command and control using iOS® and Android™ smart devices with class leading features such as wireless calling.

M510 - iF Design Award Recipient 2022
Icom’s M510 has taken home the iF Design Award 2022. Click here to learn more about iF Design.
M510 - NMEA 2022 Product Award
Icom’s M510 has taken home NMEA’s 2022 Best VHF Radio Product Award.

Output Power:


Waterproof Rating:



  Optional with CT-M500








  NMEA 0183®/-HS Built-in, NMEA 2000® optional with CT-M500

Large Color Display

The M510 includes a full color 3.5" TFT LCD screen with a near 180-degree viewing angles. The standard marine user interface is enhanced with animated functions and night mode for optimal viewing in the dark.

Navigation Menu Date and Coordinates Night Mode

Integrated Automatic Identification System

Use the M510 AIS version to access real-time vessel traffic information to stay up to date on travel information. Directly call an AIS target when using an individual DSC call. Reduce on the amount of marine hardware with an AIS and VHF two in one.

AIS Plotter AIS Menu

Command and Control

The RS-M500 app allows you to connect three iOS® or Android™ smart devices to function as a wireless command speaker/microphone. Use the push-to-talk features, scroll/scan channels, as well as use the M510’s intercom function from the comfort of the captain’s seat. Additionally, one COMMANDMIC™ can connect while 3 other smart devices are linked.

CT-M500 Wireless Interface w/NMEA 2000®

Connect to NMEA 2000® with the optional CT-M500 wireless interface box. If the NMEA connection is on a different part of the boat, the CT-M500 can wirelessly connect with the M510, providing flexibility on placement. Additionally, with the optional SP-37 horn speaker, the CT-M500 can access the two-way hailer/PA functions.


Digital Selective Calling (DSC) and NMEA Compatibility

All Icom Marine Fixed Mount products support the universal communications protocol, NMEA0183®, providing GPS and Navigational information. As the IC-M330 and IC-M400BB DO NOT have an internal GPS, connection to a NMEA0182® network, with GPS and/or Navigational data, is required for your radios to send your location coordinates in a DSC Distress call. IC-M330G, IC-M424G, IC-M510, and IC-M605 have built-in GPS receivers that natively support DSC capabilities without being tied into the NMEA0183® or NMEA2000® bus.

Other Features

  • MMSI reset dongle
  • Hand microphone with AquaQuake™
  • Front and back microphone connection ports
  • Optional voice scrambler
  • External speaker connection
  • Supports 4-digit channels
  • Option to connect external GPS
  • VE-PG4 compatible


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