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Hiroshi Nakaoka Announced as New Icom President for Icom Subsidiaries


OSAKA, Japan (July 2021) – We would like to inform you that Mr. Hiroshi Nakaoka, former president of Icom America and Executive Officer and Director of the International Sales Department, has officially accepted the position of president of Icom Incorporated. This was approved at the Annual Shareholders meeting and subsequent Board of Directors meeting on June 25, 2021.

Hiro Nakaoka joined Icom 37 years ago. As you know, he has spent most of his career at Icom in Icom America, where he was president for 25 years. He returned to Japan in 2019 to head up the International Sales Department. Last year he took on the position of acting president. Mr. Inoue, who was President and Chairman, will now return to being Chairman, with the daily running of Icomʼs global activities carried out by Mr. Nakaoka.

Jim Backeland, the president of Icom America, on this official announcement: “Hiro has a unique perspective on US lifestyle/culture having been here for 25 years, so he understands the challenges we face as a branch office in another country. This will help strengthen the understanding and relationship we have with Home Company and ultimately lead to increased growth potential for all offices.”

With COVID-19 and many other unexpected incidents in the last 18 months, Icom has been lucky to come through all of this with little adverse effect on our business performance. The obstacles in the market and economy, in general, are still present, but Icomʼs diversity in our product portfolio gives us advantages our competitors lack.

We look forward to expanding Icomʼs continued growth with you all under this new leadership.

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