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IP730D Series: Icom’s New LTE / IDAS™/ Analog Portable


Icom’s newest handheld radios are the IP730D Series. These revolutionary hybrid radios transmit and receive LTE, IDAS™, and Analog signals to create nationwide coverage for your team, even on legacy systems. Wherever you need coverage, the IP730D Series is ready.

Key features of the IP730D Series are dual PTT buttons, which target transmissions that use LTE and IDAS/Analog. Dual Receive allows IDAS/Analog and LTE at the same time. The Bridge function instantly relays LTE conversations to the IDAS group and vice versa via LTE signals. This series also has 1500 mW of clear audio output, IP67 waterproof rating, and safety features such as Man Down, Lone Worker, and Motion/Stationary/detection. When a safety feature is activated, the signal relays to a controller or dispatcher via IDAS or LTE signals. IP740D UHF version will be available soon.

In license-free LTE mode, get secure coverage over LTE (4G) and 3G networks via a custom SIM card. With full-duplex operation, conversations are like phone calls, and users can save up to 500 addresses – Individual, Talkgroup, and telephone entries. Other features of LTE mode are Priority Interrupt Calling and a built-in GPS receiver that can transmit position data to Icom’s RDT Live or RDT Pro software.

When using IDAS mode, seamlessly interoperate and contact existing IDAS conventional systems while still using LTE mode. Individual, Group, and All Calls are accessible with the press of a PTT button. Other features of IDAS mode are a top rotary knob for channel selection, 128 channels/8 zones, DTMF code transmission with optional HM-245T, IDAS Simulcast-compatible, and provides OTAP (Over the Air Programming). IDAS mode is an ideal solution for a backup when LTE coverage might not be available.

The IP730D Series readily operates as either LTE or IDAS/analog radios while using both technologies at once. With so many features and functionalities, this series is the solution for your interconnectivity needs.

Icom is known the world over for manufacturing the most innovative digital radios. In a world where technology is ever-evolving, Icom continues to stand the test of time with leading-edge forward-thinking. Radio users the world over choose Icom for their legendary durability, quality, dependability, and ease of use.

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*The UHF IP740D has not been approved and certified by the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T, and the PTCRB. This device may not be sold or leased, or be offered for sale or lease, until approval and certification of the FCC, AT&T, and PTCRB have been obtained.

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