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Icom America Systems (IAS) offer secure, narrowband-compliant and customizable solutions. IAS designs, assembles and installs trunked or conventional packages that cover large areas such as a campus or plant. Customer-owned systems offer fixed costs, greater privacy, and optional independence from the public power grid.

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Featured Product

IAS RF Technology: Icom America Systems is pleased to announce the addition of RF Technology Eclipse series conventional P25 repeater only/analog base station to our product line. IAS offers two versions – 60W and 100W – depending on your customer’s needs.

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IAS showcases the systems product portfolio. View the slideshow.


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Pike County Case Study:
The Pike County Sheriff’s, EMS and Fire departments needed a reliable communications system that would expand coverage across the county’s difficult terrain and enable first responders to communicate interdepartmentally.The new system designed by Icom America Systems (IAS) connects 12 local agencies and provides reliable coverage countywide.

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