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IAS 100DV / IAS 100DU

High Power Digital + Analog Repeater


Provides High-Power IDAS™ Communications!

Standard Version – IAS 100DV (VHF) and IAS 100DU (UHF) includes

  • Icom IC-FR5000/FR6000
  • 20 AMP power supply with the float charging capabilities of an external battery
  • 15 Amp A/C surge suppression panel with 780 joules A/C surge suppression — MOV technology
  • TPL amplifier with built-in power supply and auto bypass of exciter input in case of A/C failure

Public Safety Version – IAS 100DV PS (VHF) and IAS 100DU PS (UHF)

  • Icom IC-FR5000/FR6000
  • 70 Amp power supply with smart charging external battery technology – modular design load capacity and expandable to 120 amp load capacity
  • 15 Amp A/C surge suppression panel with 1750 joules A/C surge suppression – SASD technology
  • TPL amplifier that operates on DC voltage. In case of AC power failure, the repeater continues to develop 100 watts
IAS 100DV standard version   IAS 100DV public safety version  

Third party components noted are subject to change or substitution. Contact IAS for details.

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