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Communications Receiver


PC controlled dual band, dualwatch, digital mode receiver!

Dualwatch capability*

The IC-PCR2500 covers 0.01–3299.999 MHz in AM, FM, WFM, SSB, CW, DV and P25 modes on the main receiver, while the sub-receiver can simultaneously cover 50–1300 MHz in AM, FM and WFM modes**.
* Two antennas are required for dualwatch receive.
** See specification page for available mode and frequency range details.

P25Digital mode reception

The optional UT-118 D-STAR digital unit and UT-122* P25 digital unit can be installed in the IC-PCR2500. Catch the action in digital communications!
* Already installed with some versions.

Diversity receive capability

When two antennas are connected to the IC-PCR2500, it provides diversity reception*. The diversity reception continuously compares the signal strength and selects the better antenna for maintaining good sound and receive quality.
* Available in FM/P25/DV mode between 50–1300MHz only.  Diversity reception is not available when using dualwatch.

3 receiver screens to choose from

Choose the look you want! “Multi-function receiver”, “Component” and “Simple” screens are available.

Multi channel monitor function

You can monitor up to 25 channels. The software tracks the band activity with S-meter levels as channel status is visually represented by three background colors. Simply click the busy channel and the PCR2500 tunes to the active channel.

DSP capability

If you are into weak signal work, the optional UT-106 DSP unit is a must have. This add-on gives you noise reduction and auto notch filter functions to improve the S/N ratio for improving received signal quality.

Bandscope and time-line scope

Along with a 5MHz (Max.) wide range bandscope*, the timeline scope allows you to observe the band condition over the past 100 minutes.
* AF output is muted when the bandscope range is between 500kHz and 5MHz or operating in CW or SSB modes.

Recording function

You can record audio in WAV format directly through the USB port. Skip over hours of channel inactivity with the software’s remote control function that pauses and resumes recording according to the channel activity.

Other Features

  • VSC ignores unmodulated signals or heterodynes
  • CTCSS/DTCS tones and duplex mode operation for monitoring a repeater
  • S-meter squelch
  • Pocket beep function
  • IF filter selection
  • IF shift function
    SSB, CW mode only
  • Noise blanker eliminates pulse type noise.
    SSB, CW, AM mode only
  • 20dB (approx.) RF attenuator
    below 1300MHz
  • Auto memory write scan searches for a signal, and when a signal is detected, the received frequency is automatically stored in PC memory
  • AFC function (Auto Frequency Control) automatically follows an FM mode signal when the signal’s frequency drifts.
    BW: 6kHz or 15kHz
  • AGC function; Fast/slow setting is available
  • Weather alert function
    U.S.A. and Canada versions only
  • 24-digit DTMF tone decoder
  • Squelch delay
  • Up to 2600 memory channels per file
  • U.S.A. Customers check out www.icomreceivers.com for frequency lists in your neighborhood and region.
    Based on FCC licensee database.

Sample Screens

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