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Remotatec Dispatch Solution

Remotatec’s TXROIP is an IP-based dispatch console solution for operation centers with communications systems of all types. This system can natively link to NXDN™, analog, and P25 systems and collects, manages, and commands all voice and data over a secure IP network. Remotatec’s TXROIP includes everything a customer would expect from a professional-grade, mission-critical system and is perfect for industries such as railroads, mining, utilities, and public safety.

Add Icom’s CONNECT RoIP gateway, the VE-PG4, to expand your network coverage to include LTE, satellite, and SIP.

Real-Time Conversation Monitoring

Listen to audio across individual units, groups, and other consoles simultaneously. Send urgent messages with the dispatcher interrupt/preemption function.

On-Demand Cross-Patching for Critical Comms

Dispatchers can manually patch calls across devices to make sure teams are kept up-to-date with critical information. For example, firefighters can request dispatch to connect them with local paramedics.

Seamlessly Integrate Different Technologies

The TXROIP can connect P25, IDAS, and analog radios, as well as telephones and smartphones. Add Icom’s CONNECT RoIP gateway for LTE, satellite, and SIP connectivity.

Maintain Team Awareness with Radio Tracking and Status Checks

Monitor radio statuses, stun/revive lost units, and view signal strengths to ensure team communications are operating at 100%. GPS allows dispatchers to map and track teams and locate emergencies.

Scalable to Fit Your Needs

This system can benefit business of any size and is suited for a range of one to 12+ dispatch positions/dispatchers. Operate on any number of talkpaths to support complicated communication requirements, from small systems to ones with more than 24 talkpaths.

Keep Call Records and Manage Messaging

The messaging function allows units to send and receive short text messages. Record and analyze calls to review information, check communication issues, and identify the next steps.

Other Features

  • AES encryption
  • Customizable dispatch screen layout
  • Backup server for redundancy
  • Text messaging
  • Message record
  • Channel/group/zone change
  • Speaker/headset dispatching
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