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Icom America - 2 way radios

F3210D / F4210D

Entry Level IDAS™ Trunking Portables VHF/UHF


Extend your Communication Reach with IDAS™ Multi-Site trunking


IDAS™ Digital Mode Operation

Whether its construction, education, or hotels, the F3210D series is ready to withstand any operation. Features such as the loud 45mm speakers and channel announcement prove that the radio can operate in the noisiest of conditions. Paired with the IDAS network for single and multisite trunking, the F3210D is ready for operations on the largest communications scale.



Output Power:



  136-174, 400-470, 450-512

Digital Conventional:

  IDAS built-in

Digital Trunking:

  Built-in Type D single-site and multi-site

Waterproof Rating:


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IDAS™ Digital Mode Features

  • PTT ID (TX)
  • Block decode
  • Radio check (RX)
  • Call alert
  • Emergency
  • Individual/Group call
  • RAN (Radio Access Number)
  • Stun/kill/revive (RX)
  • Remote monitor (RX)
  • Digital voice scrambler
  • ATB (All Trunks Busy) ring back

  • *TX: Transmit, RX: Receive

Easy to Hear in Noisy Areas

The built-in bridge-tied load (BTL) amplifier delivers a powerful 800mW* audio output from the large 45mm speaker. In addition, the digital modulation provides distinct clarity even at the fringes of the communication range.
*Typical with internal speaker.

Channel Announcement

When you rotate the channel knob, the radio announces the channel number, convenient for making radio adjustments without having to look at the radio.

Internal VOX Capability

The radio has the internal VOX capability for hands-free operation. Optional compatible headset with plug adapter cable OPC-2004 can be used with the radio. Also, the VOX gain and VOX delay time are adjustable.

Roaming Scan

In the multi-site trunking mode, if the signal condition worsens as the radio user moves, the roaming scan automatically finds a new site to retain the communication link and quality.

Other Features

  • CTCSS/DTCS encode/decoder (analog only)*
  • Low battery alert
  • 3-color LED
  • Time out timer
  • Lone worker function
  • 2-step power save
  • PC programmable
  • Voting Scan
  • Talk around function
  • Surveillance function


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