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Icom America - 2 way radios


UHF transceiver


Personal Communications with More Features, Power and Range!

This product is discontinued. Please check with your authorized Icom dealer for remaining inventory.


General Mobile Radio Service – simple license required Including 7 channels shared with FRS Family Radio Service channels.

A better communications solution

Perfect for sportsmen, families, clubs, hobbies, boating, camping, fishing, hunting – wherever you go where you need more power than a typical FRS radio offers.

Keep in touch for free – no cell phone fees!

Keep all your associates in touch instantly without the interruption of a public address system and complication of a cell phone.

8× more power than standard FRS (at maximum power)

Get a full 4 watts when you need it. Increase the range of your transmissions outdoors up to 5 Plus miles*, while the repeater function can be extended communication to 25 or more miles*. And indoors where obstacles and walls offer challenges to regular FRS radios. Crystal clear communications in almost any situation.
*Communications range may vary depending on operating environment, weather conditions. Repeater use may require a subscription.

More channels than a standard FRS

With the popularity of FRS, many of those channels are busy. Choose from 15 higher power GMRS channels to locate a quiet channel for your use. 7 channels are shared with FRS channels. You can also communicate with any FRS radios on these 7 channels.

Simple operation

All channels are pre-programmed internally. You simply select the ones you want and assign to the channel selector. Do it yourself, no programming required by your re-seller.

Operate right out of the box – simple license required

Apply for GMRS on-line at the FCC web site. Complete instructions included in the box. Operate immediately after FCC application*.
* Detail explained in the owner’s manual.

Compact body

Measuring only 218 × 5132 × 11532 in, the IC-F21GM is truly portable. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket. And, since it weight only 10.6 oz.*, you can carry one all day without fatigue or fuss.
* With standard BP-222 Ni-Cd battery pack

Other features

  • Adjustable squelch
  • Drop-in battery charger included
  • Optional speaker mic and VOX headset available
  • Optional alkaline or Ni-MH battery pack
  • Built-in signaling capability (CTCSS & DTCS)
  • Scanning and Tone Find functions
  • Wide/narrow capability (12.5 or 25kHz)
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