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The ID-880H is one of the smallest, most compact dual band mobiles on the market. The small control head, when paired with Icom’s innovative magnetic mounting bracket, allows it to fit into even the smallest of spaces, perfect for installation in modern vehicles where open dash space can be hard to come by. Additionally, the ID-880H is fully D-STAR ready right out of the box, giving you access to the worldwide D-STAR network with minimal effort.

Output power:

50W (U/V)

RX Frequencies:

  118-173.995, 230-549.995, 810-999.990MHz

Memory channels:



  FM-W, FM-N, AM (analog RX only), D-STAR

Remote head capable:


D-STAR ready

The ID-880H provides D-STAR DV mode digital voice and low speed data communications.

GPS functions

GPS FunctionsThe ID-880H can display your position data and you can send that data to another station. Add a third party GPS, with a NEMA output and you are able to operate D-PRS mode, to send your position information to an APRS server.

Free cloning software

Download the free CS-880 cloning software. The software allows the user to program various settings from a PC and the memory channels. Click here and scroll down to the ID-880H section. The OPC-1529R programming cable is required to use the software.

Additional features:

  • 16 channels DTMF memory (24-digit)
  • LCD and keypad backlighting
  • Built-in CTCSS/DTCS tone encoder and decoder (FM mode only)
  • Built-in noise filter (AM/FM mode)
  • Data and 9600/1200bps packet jacks on the rear panel
  • ±2.5ppm frequency stability
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Monitor function to listen to a weak signal
  • Auto repeaters function
  • Weather channel receive with weather alert


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