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Icom America - 2 way radios

IC-T7H Sport

Dual Band FM Transceiver


Powerful Output and Ample Receive Audio

Comfortably sized, with ample receive audio Extra power when you want it, or opt for more power with optional Ni-Cd battery packs – up to 6 watts! Take this go-anywhere sized dual bander on the road and grab more power from any convenience store, grocery store, etc. A full 500 mW (typical) of AF is output from the transceiver's speaker-audio that's easy to copy even in noisy environments.

Meets strict MIL standards, yet is compact

Tested to strict MIL standards, yet is compact The IC-T7Hsport is durably constructed for reliable operation you can count on in the most demanding environments. In fact, it has been tested to and passed the MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards for shock and vibration (MIL 810C, D, E). And its compact dimensions of 57(W) × 122(H) × 29(D) mm* mean you can comfortably carry it around in a small bag or even your shirt pocket!
*214 (W) × 41316 (H) × 118 (D) in.

A simple operation

A simple band switching system, single push action and thumb-touch lock switches make operation straight-forward and convenient — even for beginners. Additionally, channel indication mode simplifies operation even further and is great for when operating in a group situation.

Built-in tone squelch system

A separate CTCSS tone encoder and CTCSS tone encoder/decoder are standard (38 standard EIA tones and 12 others for even quieter standby). Full programmable band scans and all/band select memory scans provide versatile signal searching. The tone scan function allows you to easily find the subaudible tone needed to access a repeater or to decode a tone squelch signal; the pocket beep function acts like a 'common pager' and alerts you when a matched CTCSS tone frequency is received.

Other Features

  • Large, easy-to-push PTT switch
  • Simple, microphone remote control with the optional HM-75A
  • Auto power saver with selectable duty
  • Multiple scans provide versatile signal searching
  • Auto power off function
  • Auto repeater function (USA version only)
  • LCD backlight with timer
  • 9 DTMF memories
  • Channel indication
  • Optional cloning software
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