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Icom's IC-SAT100M: Mobile PTT Satellite Communications

KIRKLAND, Wash. (August 2020) – Introducing the newest addition to the Icom Connect suite of radios, the IC-SAT100M, a mobile PTT satellite radio. And, just like our currently available IC-SAT100 handheld version, the IC-SAT100M also operates on Iridium’s network of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites spread across the globe. This mobile radio is perfect for installation in vehicles, vessels, or even inside a building.

The IC-SAT100M consists of a main unit and an included multi-functional speakermicrophone. Other features include an integrated GPS receiver, built-in Bluetooth®, 1500 mW powerful audio output, a voice recording function, short data messaging capabilities, and is even IP67 water and dust-proof. With the IC-SAT100M, users can communicate in real time to any other radio in the same Talkgroup, with very low latency.

For in-building use, the antenna is installed on the roof and then connected to the main unit inside, with a LAN cable (100 m/328 ft maximum). The RF and antenna both use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to avoid the need of an additional power cable, making installation flexible and easy. For in-vehicle use, the antenna easily attaches to the roof. With the IC-SAT100M’s built-in Bluetooth, take advantage of hands-free operation while driving (third party accessory required). The antenna can also be replaced by the optional AH-40 antenna. This option allows for discreet roof mounting, with a third-party antenna cover.

The IC-SAT100M’s capabilities don’t stop there. Further expand the use of your IC-SAT100M by using Icom’s VE-PG4 RoIP gateway. This device seamlessly interconnects other satellite radios, and radios with differing protocols, such as WLAN, IDAS, and LTE radios with the built-in LTE module. You can even connect with an IP phone system. Truly ‘One-to-Many ’communication at the press of a button.

Icom is known the world over for their legendary durability, quality, dependability, and ease of use. Contact a local dealer today to see why Icom continues to be the trusted name that keeps you connected, no matter where you are.


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