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Icom Renews Commitment to WRTC 2022

KIRKLAND, Wash. (March 2020) – Icom has announced that they are renewing their sponsorship commitment to the World Radiosport Team Championship (WTRC) 2022 Italia, to be held in Bologna. As a leading manufacturer of amateur radio equipment, Icom is proud to provide a financial commitment as the first Platinum Level Sponsor for this world-wide contesting event.

The WRTC is an on-site ham radio competition that is held every four years. It provides a platform for the world’s leading amateurs to compete and show their impressive contesting skills. This year the competition will take place in Bologna, Italy, in July 2022 and is by invitation only.

When WRTC asked Icom America's Senior Sales Manager, Ray Novak, N9JA, about his feelings on the sponsorship, he said "I'm happy to represent Icom as the first Platinum Sponsor. We believe in WRTC! Icom has had good results in the past events (sponsoring the winners in WRTC 2014) so here we are again! We are always up to date with the development of new technologies and this always benefits the WRTC competitors."

Icom has long supported the efforts and activities of the WRTC, and was even one of the original sponsors for the first WRTC event that was held locally in Seattle, 1990. Icom is continuously dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best amateur shortwave VHF/UHF radio equipment on the market and takes great pride in involving themselves within various communities and organizations to support a hobby they are passionate about.

For the love of ham radio.

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