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P25: Icom Achieves Another Milestone


KIRKLAND, Wash. (September 2019) – As of September 9th 2019, Icom is pleased to announce another successful milestone with the passing of the Department of Homeland Security’s Compliance Assessment Program (‘P25 CAP’). Our newest P25-compliant radios are the F7010 Series portables and the F7510 mobile VHF radios. And in addition to P25- compliance, the F7040 Series portables and F7540 mobile also operate on 700/800 MHz.

P25 CAP’s purpose is to provide emergency response agencies with trusted communication equipment that meet specific standards for performance, conformance, and interoperability among different manufacturers’ products.

These radios will require the latest firmware update, which is for all RF bands including VHF, UHF, and 700/800 MHz products. This update is mandatory in order to receive and maintain P25 CAP approval.

We expect to see these Icom radios listed on the DHS’ official website in the coming weeks and are eager to provide these great products to our customers.


To learn more about Icom's P25 products, please visit icomamerica.com/landmobile/p25. Make sure to Follow Us on Twitter or Like Us on Facebook for show information.

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