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Icom America Releases Firmware Upgrade for IC-7800 HF/50MHz Transceiver

Icom America announces a new firmware upgrade to its celebrated IC-7800 HF/6M transceiver. This update provides an enhanced user interface, refined operational controls, improved audio and voice functionality and more. The firmware and user manual are free to download online.

Icom’s latest IC-7800 upgrade reflects forward-thinking technology and provides a greater user experience for the serious amateur radio operator. New and improved features include:

  • Spectrum Waterfall Display: Review RF and AF characteristics on the IC-7800’s impressive 7-inch color LCD. Includes a wide screen setting.
  • PC Mouse Operation: Connect a mouse via USB to select operating frequency and control the spectrum scope.
  • Audio Scope Function: Review the FFT scope with waterfall and oscilloscope. In CW mode, observe mic compressor level and other attributes.
  • Direct Remote Control Operation: Connect directly to an IP network using Icom’s optional RS-BA1 software and the IC-7800’s internal base station function. (A user operation PC is still required; a base station PC is not.)
  • Digital Voice Recorder: Automatically capture incoming/outgoing calls onto an external memory card or flash drive.

Other updates include an APF function to increase volume up to 6dB (adjustable by 1dB step), transmit delay function to control a connected external linear amplifier, USB flash drive compatibility, and added RIT and Delta TX commands for CI-V remote control.

The firmware upgrade is available now. For more information, visit the IC-7800 product page on Icom America’s website.

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