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Icom America Announces D-STAR QSO Party 2013 Information

Icom America announces information for the 2013 D-STAR QSO Party, an annual contest that promotes fellowship with amateur (ham) radio operators from around the world through D-STAR, "Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio." This year's global event will take place over three days starting Friday, September 20 (00:00 UTC) to Sunday, September 22 (24:00 UTC). Official rules and party details for the D-STAR QSO Party 2013 will be available at a later date and posted to Icom America's website.

"The D-STAR QSO Party has been an exciting yearly event for D-STAR enthusiasts all over the world," says Ray Novak, Icom America Division Manager - Amateur and Receivers Products. "Each year, we see increases in the number of new D-STAR users and event participants. I hope to see this become a regular annual activity on everyone's calendar!"

D-STAR is an open standard digital communication protocol popular with amateur radio enthusiasts as well as members from the emergency communications (EmComm) community. D-STAR delivers clear digital voice and can transmit data such as call sign, short messages and GPS information. According to D-StarUsers.org, D-STAR usage has grown considerably in the last year. Currently, there are approximately 27,000 D-STAR users and over 1,000 repeaters registered on the USRoot network.

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