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News Release

Icom Showcases New Products at Dayton, Provides Streaming Webcast During Event

Icom America, industry leader in amateur (ham) radio technology and products, is attending this year's Dayton Hamvention® from May 17-19 at Hara Arena in Ohio. Icom will be exhibiting two new D-STAR (Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio) products at Booths HA008 through HA0010 and Booths HA0033 through HA0037 in Hara's main arena. Presentations before and during Dayton will be streaming live on the company's website at www.icomamerica.com/dayton2013. Icom is also donating major prizes to this year's Hamvention® Prize Booth.

The company will showcase its new ID-51A portable and IC-7100 mobile radios. Both devices are D-STAR ready-facilitating clear digital voice, short data messages, D-STAR repeater access over the Internet and more. Additional product information includes:

  • IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver
    Icom's new multi-band, all-mode mobile comprises a slanted control head with a touchscreen interface-an amateur radio industry first. The IC-7100 utilizes Icom's signature DSP technology and supports a large internal speaker, built-in SD card slot and an I/O panel for a CW keyjack, phone/speaker, microphone and control cable.
  • ID-51A VHF/UHF Dual Band Transceiver
    Icom's latest compact waterproof handheld has dualwatch capability, which allows the radio to receive two bands simultaneously (including the same band). The radio can also receive AM/FM broadcast stations. GPS and a microSD card slot are also built-in.

Two of Icom's classic handheld radios, the IC-V80 and the IC-T70A will also be on display. Known for their durability, loud audio and intuitive interfaces, the V80 and T70A are now available in two power supply varieties. The "HD" version includes the radio, a BP-265 mAh Lithium-ion battery pack and BC-193 rapid charger. The "Sport" version features the radio with an AA alkaline case instead of a charger/rechargeable battery pack.

In addition to exhibiting new products, Icom will transmit a live video broadcast across the Internet from its booths on Saturday, May 18. Guest speakers include Emmy-nominated television producer John Amodeo, ham instructor and webcast personality Gordon West and George Thomas, host of AmateurLogic.TV. A complete lineup webcast schedule and other Dayton-related info can be found at www.icomamerica.com/dayton2013.

Dayton's theme this year is "DX Hamvention," which celebrates the "distant contact" and recognizes Dayton as a DX destination for ham radio operators across the globe. Ticket information, forum listings and other event information can be found at www.hamvention.org. "We are looking forward to an exciting 2013 Dayton Hamvention® and expect the fun to start early!" says Ray Novak, Icom America Division Manager - Amateur and Receiver Products.

Icom begins the 2013 Hamvention® as a premier sponsor for Contest University (CTU). The workshop takes place at Dayton's Crown Plaza Hotel on Thursday, May 16, one day before the actual convention. Beginner and advanced contesters will receive a full day of training on topics such as radio performance, propagation, antennas and more. Complete information and registration details can be found at www.contestuniversity.com. The seminar will also be broadcast live over the Internet on Icom's website.

A D-STAR training session, the D-STAR InfoCon 2013, will be held off-site at the Drury Inn on Friday, May 17. The three-hour workshop is will cover the following topics:

  • D-STAR basics, radios and equipment, and registration (first hour)
  • Programming, memory management and memory downloads (second hour)
  • D-STAR data and D-RATS, and ID-1 and high speed data (third hour)

Operators of all skill levels are encouraged to attend and will also receive detailed instructions on operating Icom's ID-31A and ID-51A handheld radios. Registration details are available at www.dstarinfo.com. As part of Icom's live coverage of Dayton events, D-STAR InfoCon 2013 will also be streamed live at www.icomamerica.com/dayton2013

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