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Icom Announces New IC-7100 Multi-band All Mode Mobile Radio with Touchscreen Interface and Built-in D-STAR

Bellevue, WA – Icom Inc., parent company to Icom America Inc. and leading manufacturer of amateur radio and D-STAR products, showcased at the 2012 Tokyo Ham Fair the new IC-7100, a multi-band all mode mobile transceiver with a user-focused interface.

"Icom changed the way the Amateur Radio enthusiasts thought about mobile communications with the introduction of the IC-706 nearly two decades ago," says Ray Novak, Icom America Division Manager – Amateur & Receiver Products. "Based on the requests from mobile HF operators and other amateur enthusiasts, we are proud to announce a new mobile radio with an enhanced user interface and 'big rig' features robust enough for home use."

Icom continues to raise the bar by offering high performing products that balance features, product design and usability. A state-of-the-art, touchscreen interface combined with multi-band, full mode operation makes the IC-7100 the complete amateur radio for mobile and digital enthusiasts alike. The Icom IC-7100's smart design and smooth operation reinvents mobile and base station communications in a compact package.

The IC-7100’s touchscreen interface is an amateur radio first, providing intuitive access to various settings and functions. By simply tapping on certain parts of the large dot matrix LCD, users can select operating mode, view multi-function meter information, and enter data through an on-screen ten-key keyboard. The slant top controller display increases usability at various viewing angles – a feature ideal for mobile use. With a high efficiency oval speaker built directly into the controller, audio is heard loud and clear.

The thoroughly designed IC-7100 mobile radio powers HF/6m/VHF/UHF bands (The radio also supports the 70MHz band for use in Europe, but is currently unavailable in the U.S.) A true full mode transceiver, the IC-7100 mobile offers SSB, CW, AM, FM, and RTTY decode. No additional digital component is required for DV mode as D-STAR comes standard with every IC-7100 unit.

The IC-7100 utilizes the latest 32-bit floating DSP, supporting many digital processing features for filtering, noise reduction, and interference removal. To accommodate voice storage and data cloning capabilities, an SD card slot is conveniently built-in. The new mobile has 505 memory channels and provides cooler operation compared to Icom’s popular IC-7000 mobile.

Pricing and release date for the IC-7100 D-STAR-ready multi-band mobile transceiver is not available at this time. Interested parties should check Icom America's website periodically for product updates on the IC-7100.

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