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News Release

EWA Reelects Lougee to Board of Directors

BELLEVUE, WA – Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) announced the reelection of Icom America Vice President Chris Lougee to its board of directors at the 2011 Leadership Conference held last month in Nashville, Tenn. A national association for wireless communication users, manufacturers, dealers and service providers, EWA advocates for the efficient use of available spectrum and advises the FCC and other government agencies on spectrum regulation and usage issues.

"The regulatory issues we support are critical for our industry," says Icom's Lougee, who returns to EWA for his sixth year as a board member. "Spectrum is in high demand, and we want to make sure business and enterprise users have access to the spectrum and technology they need."

Competition for spectrum has increased exponentially in recent years with the widespread adoption of mobile wireless devices and bandwidth-intensive services. EWA advocates an efficient approach to spectrum policy to ensure business and government maintain access to spectrum critical for driving corporate growth and the creation of new jobs.

An active member of EWA, Icom is working closely with the association to promote effective spectrum management, Lougee says. "Icom is committed to shaping the regulatory landscape to ensure spectrum is managed wisely, and business and enterprise users have access to the technology they need."

Icom America is an industry-leading provider of radio solutions for business, government and public safety, with headquarters in Bellevue, Wash. Dedicated to providing business and industry users with spectrum-efficient solutions, Icom America offers a full line of radio solutions based on its digital 6.25 kHz IDAS technology. IDAS technology exceeds FCC narrowbanding requirements and requires one-quarter of the bandwidth necessary for the obsolete 25 kHz channel spacing being phased out by the FCC.

Icom America's parent company, Icom Inc., is a publicly held Japanese corporation based in Osaka, Japan. The company was founded in 1954 by Tokuzo Inoue as an engineering and manufacturing company of advanced, compact solid-state radio equipment for the amateur radio industry. Today, Icom is recognized globally as a reliable two-way radio brand name, with products sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.


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