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Icom MultiTrunk Technology Enables Bay Area Network

Bellevue, WA — Icom America is pleased to announce the commercial availability of an IDAS MultiTrunk 6.25 kHz digital voice and data network in the San Francisco Bay Area. Launched in partnership with SMR operator Signature Wireless, the network provides 30 connected digital sits across Northern California for seamless roaming across the geographically diverse region.

The network's enhanced coverage and IP-networked sites allow users to roam throughout the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley without having to switch channels on their subscriber unit. Radios automatically register on repeaters when moving in and out of coverage areas, enabling subscribers to contact other users without knowing their exact location. The network also offers advanced data features including text messaging and remote PC dispatch.

"Icom's MultiTrunk solution is ideal for any SMR operating over a large geographical area," says Icom Manufacturer Representative Ron Seitz of Procomm Marketing. "In addition to allowing customers to seamlessly roam across multiple geographical areas, Icom's digital MultTrunk solution provides increased coverage, great reliability and crisp, clear audio."

"The launch of the Icom MultiTrunk network by Signature Wireless marks the emergence of a new market for Icom," says Mark Behrands, Icom Land Mobile National Sales Manager. "Developed by Icom for SMR operators, utilities and colleges and universities with multiple campus locations, MultiTrunk builds on the foundation of IDAS products we launched several years ago."

Icom's IDAS product line includes communication equipment for conventional single site, trunked single site and conventional multisite systems as well as MultiTrunk multisite trunked networks. Backward compatible with analog technologies, IDAS radio equipment can be used with existing analog FM equipment and systems for gradual migration to a 6.25 kHz digital system.

"MultiTrunk multisite trunking allows a large number of users to operate on the system to make the most efficient use of radio channels," Behrendds says. "Spectrum is becoming increasingly crowded in urban areas like San Francisco, and FCC licenses are more difficult to procure. With 6.25 kHz channel spacing, it is much easier to find small slices of available spectrum."

With more than 15 years experience in the SMR business, Signature Wireless serves a diverse customer base throughout Northern California, including trucking, construction, towing, garbage and cement companies, as well as delivery fleets, wineries and school districts.

Icom America's parent company, Icom Inc., was founded in Osaka Japan. Icom is a publicly held Japanese corporation; its stock is traded on the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange. Icom began as an engineering and manufacturing company, making advanced, compact solid-state radio equipment for use by amateur radio enthusiasts. Icom has since grown to become an industry leader using the D-STAR standard, with a product line that includes other state-of-the-art digital communications equipment for land and marine use as well as avionics. Icom America's headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington. www.icomamerica.com

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