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IC-9100 High-Performance "All Rounder" Transceiver Now Available for Order Taking

BELLEVUE, WA – The IC-9100 (aka 9100) is the new Icom HF/6M/2M/70CM and optional 23CM transceiver than many hams have been patiently waiting for. That wait is near an end, for the 9100 is now FCC approved.

“The 9100 will bring to the VHF/UHF/SHF market the same sort of top-end digital performance specs that Icom’s been bringing to the HF market since the introduction of the IC-7800 back in 2004” , explains Ray Novak, National Amateur Marketing Manager for Icom America.

The radio has three completely separate receivers enabling the 9100 to simultaneously receive two different bands. In SSB/CW/RTTY/FM and D-STAR V, power output is 2-100W on HF/6M/2M, 2-75W on 70CM, and 2-10W on 23CM. For AM, it’s 2-25W on HF/6M/2M.

The 9100’s double conversion super-heterodyne system with an image rejection mixer reduces intermodulation distortion in the HF to 70cm bands. Icom’s IF DSP technologies offer a host of digital features to guard against QRM and QRN, no matter which band you choose to explore.

“This is the rig that will especially appeal to both the satellite workers and the moon bounce crowd – two types of ham who covet the same bands; with different radio performance demands. The IC-9100 addresses both camps. The EME enthusiasts have not had this performance in a unit that did not require a homebrew solution of combining a transverter and an HF radio. They’re going to love this radio”, says Novak.

The rig is sized just right to set atop a desk in a den or shack, or grab and take out for a day of VHF/UHF “Rover” work in the contests. At only 24 1/4 pounds, the 9100 is surprisingly convenient to carry to your Field Day or other amateur radio event. In fact, the 9100 shares the same look, size and many of the same components as Icom’s recently launched IC-7410 HF transceiver. But the 9100 offers a whole lot more. Already FCC approved, the IC-9100 is still pending delivery to the US market and a recommended retail price.

A number of new accessories include: the UX-9100 1200MHz band unit; the optional 3kHz FL-431 and 6kHz FL-430 filters, for HF, increase the 1st IF’s selectivity; the UT-121 D-STAR module that allows for D-STAR DV ops and allows for D-PRS reporting (there’s a GPS button right on the 9100’s front panel to interface with an external NEMA Compatible GPS output); and the optional CS-9100 programming software that lets you add alphanumeric memory channels, call signs, filter widths and AGC settings from a PC via a USB cable connection on the 9100’s back panel.

Also coming soon for the 9100 is optional remote control software. The RS-BA1 allows you to use the 9100 from another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet. Pricing for this new accessory is not yet available.

For more information on the IC-9100 and about Icom in general, visit http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/amateur/hf/9100/default.aspx

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