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It Flashes When it Floats! New IC-M24 Marine VHF

BELLEVUE, WA – Five years ago, Icom introduced the world’s first floating marine handheld radio – the IC-M34. It was a huge success. Now Icom is pleased to announce it’s 3rd generation floating radio, the IC-M24 (aka M24). The M24 is nearly 1/3 smaller than the original M34, and it sports a bright red LED that flashes if dropped in water, even if the radio is turned off. An overboard M24 is easy to find, day or night.

“The M24 raises the bar once again”, says David McLain, National Marine Sales Manager for Icom America. “The fact that it also happens to be Icom’s lowest priced handheld is nothing short of remarkable. This is the radio that every boater should have. Where Icom goes, the industry follows.”

The M24 is powered by Icom’s most “eco-friendly” marine battery yet. The BP-266, a compact 3.7V, 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack, looks more like a cell phone battery than it does any other marine radio battery, and helps reduce the overall volume and weight of the M24. Yet thanks to a newly developed PA circuit within the radio, boaters can still expect a full 5 Watts of transmit power and up to 10 hours of typical operating time. (5% TX, 5% RX, 90% standby.)

Recharge the M24 by plugging the included wall charger directly in to the radio – the charging device is built-in to the radio. An optional desktop rapid charger is also available.

An impressive 600mW (typ.) of audio output makes this radio easy to hear, even when in a loud cabin or out in stormy conditions. There are volume loud/mute functions that temporarily change the M24’s volume to the maximum/minimum level with two touches of a button. Depending on the background noise level, you can easily change the volume level to capture the received message.

Other boater-friendly features that Icom’s well known for are also included, like the favorite channel feature, dual/tri watch, one-touch “Tag” scanning, a 4-step battery life indicator, and Icom’s unique AquaQuake™ feature, which uses low-frequency sound waves to clear water away from the speaker grille.

Suggested retail price for the M24 is $290. The Minimum Advertised Price is set as $179. A 3 year waterproof warranty is included. Click here for more information on M24.

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