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Icom America Releases New IC-7410 HF + 6M Transceiver

BELLEVUE, WA – Icom America announces the new IC-7410 amateur (ham) radio transceiver, featuring advanced digital capabilities normally found in much higher cost rigs.

“The 7410 brings superior DSP speed and capability to a rig that’s priced and designed for everyday use”, says Ray Novak, National Amateur Marketing Manager for Icom America. “The 7410 represents a major upgrade in performance over its predecessor, the 746PRO. These rigs may look and operate alike – which is very much intentional – but the new kid is definitely much faster.”

How much faster? The MFLOPS speed of the 7410’s DSP chip is up to 20 times faster than the older unit.

This specialized HF rig employs the same high grade DSP unit and double conversion super-heterodyne system developed from the latest technology used in the IC-7800/IC-7700/ IC-7600 series. In addition, when used with the optional FL-430 and FL-431 filters, narrow mode signals are protected from adjacent inband signals. The 3kHz first IF filter is especially effective in the CW and SSB modes. Like it’s IC-7600 big brother, the 7410 sports an impressive +30dBm third-order intercept point (IP3) in 14MHz.

Today’s ham often combines the capabilities of a transceiver with a PC to maximize operating speed, efficiency and enjoyment. The IC-7410 comes with a standard type B USB connector on its back panel. Modulation input, audio output, RTTY demodulator output and CIV command can be controlled via the USB cable. Also, a conventional CI-V remote control jack is built in to the IC-7410.

The 7410 is built rugged, with an impressive, one-piece cast aluminum heat sink to efficiently reduce normal operating temperatures. A high stability TCXO crystal oscillator provides ±0.5ppm of high frequency stability over a wide temperature range (0°C to +50°C) for many hours of operating enjoyment.

The rig is sized just right to set atop a desk in a den or shack, or grab and take mobile. Icom has several speakers and power supplies designed to match the look and feel of the radio, adding to the handsome look of a modern operating station. But the 7410 need not be a shut-in: at only 22 1/2 pounds, the 7410 is surprisingly convenient to carry to your Field Day or other amateur radio event.

Already FCC approved, the IC-7410 is still pending delivery to the US market and a recommended retail price. Several new accessories include the SM-30 desktop microphone and the before-mentioned FL-430 and FL-431 1st stage IF filters for HF/6 meters – the FL-430 for 6kHz and the FL-431 for 3kHz.

Also coming soon for the 7410 is optional remote control software. The RS-BA1 allows you to use the IC-7410 from another room using your home network or even from a remote location over the Internet. Most settings such as filter width, AGC constant, etc, can be controlled from your PC. Pricing for this new accessory is not yet available.

The IC-7410 will fill a nice price/performance niche between the very capable and DX’ers favorite IC-7600, and the military-rugged, go-anywhere IC-7200. For more information on the IC-7410 and about Icom in general, visit the IC-7410 product page.

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