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Dirtfish Rally School Chooses Icom For Its New Race And Training Course In Snoqualmie

Snoqualmie, WA (October 6, 2010) Icom America is pleased to announce that the new DirtFish Rally School has chosen Icom as a company sponsor and communications equipment provider.

“Our cars are true, full-blown, 300+ horsepower rally vehicles custom built from the ground-up”, says Doc Doolittle, DirtFish’s Sponsorship and Promotions Director. “These supercars are built to take a beating – and give a beating! It’s good to know we can trust Icom to be along for the ride, keeping us in touch with each other on the track as well as with the base.”

DirtFish happens at the Old Mill Rally Park: 300 scenic acres of high performance driving and racing along a challenging track of mud, dirt, gravel, mud, water hazards, mud, skid pad, and more mud. The course is located about 30 minutes outside of downtown Seattle.

Long more popular in Europe, Africa and Latin America, Rally driving is now a high-growth sport in North America. DirtFish offers everything from one day rally driving programs for beginners through hands-on corporate team building events and competitive racing seminars.

DirtFish selected 10 Icom F4001 series handhelds and three F221 series mobiles for use on site. The mobile Icoms are for base operations. The portables are for the race vehicles themselves. “We wanted Icom handheld radios for convenient portability, as instructors move from car to car and around the site. Icom was chosen for reliability AND safety reasons as these radios are the instructors’ lifeline to each other”, says Doolittle. “We also wanted mil spec radios to survive the thrashing we expect to give this equipment. With Icom, no problem there.”

Straightforward operation is also what DirtFish was after. A simple 3 channel system that doesn’t even need a repeater fits their needs now and offers room to grow. Icom America handled the programming. Since the F4001 portables come with their own trickle-chargers, there was no need for additional accessories. Except for the programming and the FCC channel license, everything DirtFish needed came right in the box.

DirtFish Rally School is located in Snoqualmie, Washington. It opened for business in late September, 2010 and is off to a fast start, already with half its available training schedule booked for the next quarter. www.dirtfish.com

Icom began as an engineering and manufacturing company, making advanced, compact solid-state radio equipment for use by amateur radio enthusiasts. Icom has since grown to become an industry leader with a product line that includes state-of-the-art communications equipment for land mobile and marine use as well as avionics. Icom America's headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington. www.icomamerica.com

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