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News Release

Icom America Responds to Devasting Haiti Earthquake

BELLEVUE, WA - Icom America, in an effort to assist the nation of Haiti following the recent devastating earthquake and aftershocks, donated over 150 communication equipment units from the Marine, Aviation and Amateur Divisions to be distributed through Mentone Communications Education Association, Inc., a private 501(c)(3) private operating foundation with close ties to the Southern Baptist Relief Convention and the American Red Cross.

"While there are numerous channels for distribution, we received a personal commitment for distribution directly to agencies that could immediately utilize the equipment for relief efforts where the existing equipment infrastructure was destroyed," said Hiroshi Nakaoka, President of Icom America.

Menton Communications Education Association, Inc. is a non-profit 501C corporation based in Alabama. It has, as its mission, promotion of technical education, amateur radio communications, and included assistance to various disaster relief organizations in the area of communications.

Icom America's parent company, Icom Inc, was founded in Osaka, Japan. Icom is a publicly held Japanese corporation; its stock is traded on the Osaka and Tokyo Stock Exchange. Icom began as an engineering and manufacturing company, making advanced, compact solid-state radio equipment for use by amateur radio enthusiasts. Icom has since grown to become an industry leader with a product line that includes state-of-the-art communications equipment for land mobile and marine use as well as avionics. Icom America's headquarters are in Bellevue, Washington. www.icomamerica.com

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