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Mickey Flores
Icom Technical Channel Manager
Phone: (425) 450-6064  Cell: (425) 615-3175
Email: mickeyflores@icomamerica.com
Tim Thometz
Icom District Sales Manager
Phone: (425) 586-6447  Cell: (425) 553-8824
Email: timthometz@icomamerica.com
Territory: Northwest-Washington and Oregon


Mike Hunziker
Icom Technical Channel Manager
Phone: (816) 724-5352
Email: mikehunziker@icomamerica.com
Great Lakes

Great Lakes

Louis Murguia
Icom Technical Channel Manager
Cell: (224) 864-3057
Email: louismurguia@icomamerica.com
Midwest Wireless Associates
Andy (A.P.) Hrycko
Phone: (419) 305-8599
Email: andy.hrycko@midwestwirelessassociates.com
Territory: Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, Western Virginia
Midwest Wireless Associates
George Farmer
Phone: (815) 919-8114
Email: george.farmer@midwestwirelessassociates.com
Territory: Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Wisconsin
Midwest Wireless Associates
Greg Pruett
Phone: (317) 431-4778  Fax: (317) 841-8871
Email: greg.pruett@midwestwirelessassociates.com
Territory: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan


Rich Lawrence
Icom Technical Channel Manager
Cell: (202) 445-0623
Email: richlawrence@icomamerica.com
Alpha Sales Group
Barry Webster
Phone: (443) 502-2855  Cell: (410) 852-4267
Email: barry@alphasalesgroup.com
Territory: Delaware, Maryland, Virginia
Alpha Sales Group
George Hebner, Jr.
Phone: (203) 220-9165  Cell: (203) 273-0135
Email: george@alphasalesgroup.com
Territory: Cape Cod (MA), Lower New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Western Massachusetts
Alpha Sales Group
Brian Berhman
Mobile: (201) 497-4230
Email: brian@alphasalesgroup.com
Territory:New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania
Alpha Sales Group
Tim Fedish
Phone: (508) 731-0208  Fax: (508) 519-0273
Email: tim@alphasalesgroup.com
Territory: Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Upstate New York, Vermont


Steve Riahi
Icom Technical Channel Manager
Phone: (415) 819-8027
Email: steveriahi@icomamerica.com
RF Works
Erv Stein
Phone: (623) 734-3415  Fax: (623) 535-8263
Email: erv@rfworksinc.com
Territory: Arizona
RF Works
Lee Chenoweth
Phone: (949) 433-2800  Fax: (949) 713-9802
Email: lee@rfworksinc.com
Territory: Southern California (Los Angeles Area)
RF Works
Terry Trisler
Phone: (949) 433-2600  Fax: (949) 713-9802
Email: terry@rfworksinc.com
Territory: Southern California and Southern Nevada
South Central

South Central

Jim Hanshaw
Icom Technical Channel Manager
Phone: (425) 586-6375  Cell: (469) 486-3045
Email: jimhanshaw@icomamerica.com


Keith Chafin
Icom Technical Channel Manager
Cell: (615) 573-4233
Email: KeithChafin@icomamerica.com


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