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D-STAR Downloads

System Introduction
D-STAR System Introduction
.pdf 3.02 MB
D-STAR Handheld Selection Chart
Compare the ID-51A PLUS, ID-51A, ID-31, IC-80AD and IC-92AD
.pdf 766.07 KB
D-STAR Mobile Selection Chart
Compare the IC-5100A, ID-880A, IC-2820H and ID-1
.pdf 664.49 KB
D-RATS Brochure
D-RATS Software Brochure
.pdf 1.71 MB
Emergency Communications
Putting D-Star to Work
.pdf 3.15 MB
D-STAR Document: 1 of 3
New Modes for UHF/VHF Amateur Radio
.pdf 654.05 KB
D-STAR Document: 2 of 3
Design Considerations
.pdf 1.04 MB
D-STAR Document: 3 of 3
.pdf 956.67 KB
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